Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Don't know where to start really. This morning after 3 months of waiting and much expense on various surveys and solicitors fees we were finally about to exchange contracts on our new house when the vendor (a bank) suddenly decided they couldn't go ahead at this point. So you can imagine there were a few tears and tantrums in this house this morning. So it's back to square 1 and Christopher at this point in time doesn't have a place in any school for September. So I'm back house hunting tomorrow.
On the brighter side I have been doing some machine embroidery digitizing. Well very basic digitizing, but digitizing none the less. The cat on the purse above is a purchased design, but the purse itself is an in the hoop design that I digitized by following lessons from Sue at memories in thread . I have also made a crazy patch square, but I haven't got a picture of that.
So now I am looking for clipart to digitize. While I was on my search I have come across many interesting websites:
I can't remember what led me to this one but there are loads of tutorials on stamping and related techniques. I found it via an embroidery design.
posts of interest are the embroidery patterns and the birdies. There is so much on there I have to go back and have a good look round.
The site she links to, ladiesinred seems to have disapeared, or been taken over by one of those annoying search sites that pretend they are the original site you were looking for. I found where they had gone by asking Jeeves. I had forgotten about him after using google for so long. The ladiesinred are now here http://www.tostetoes.com/redwork/. Loads of free hand embroidery designs.
More free designs here


Lynne said...

Nice purse Liz. Sorry about the house, you must be so disappointed. Hope you find another soon.

Jackie said...

How frustrating for you. Still its good to see you can channel your frustration into digitizing!

Amanda said...

Poor you and Christopher! Good luck with finding something soon.